Inverter 12V->230V 100W A301-100-F3 Mean Well Τροποποιημένο Ημίτονο

-22% Αναμένεται Σύντομα Inverter 12V->230V 100W A301-100-F3 Mean Well Τροποποιημένο Ημίτονο
DC-AC inverters are designed to operate in versatile applications where no mains supply is available. These models operate with a 12 V or 24 V DC source, typically a battery. The AC output voltage (230 V/50 Hz) is available at a 2 or 3 pin socket (depending on model) to power equipment like computers, notebooks, TV receivers etc., as well as some industrial equipment. The inverters provide a modified sine wave output voltage. The units are equipped with extensive protection facilities such as overload/overheat and battery protection.

Built-in USB interface
Cooling by free air convection(without fan)
Slim size can fit in with the cup holder on vehicles
High efficiency up to 90%
12V or 24V DC input
Input voltage range: -15% ~ +25%
Output voltage regulation: 10%
Protections: Input reverse polarity/Bat. Low shutdown/Over voltage/
Over load/Over temperature/Output short
Output waveform: Modified sine wave
Topology: Microprocessor
Approvals: e13/ CE
1 year warranty
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