Access Point Ασύρματο N 300Mbps Outdoor CAP300-Outdoor TP-LINK

-24% Κατόπιν Παραγγελίας Access Point Ασύρματο N 300Mbps Outdoor CAP300-Outdoor TP-LINK


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Enjoy Wi-Fi Outside, Finally


- Weatherproof Enclosure with IP65 Certification
Rated as IP65 during Ingress Protection testing, a resilient weatherproof enclosure protects the access points against harsh outdoor condition.
  1. Casing made from durable ASA material.
  2. Specialized waterproof antennas.
  • 6KV Lightning Protection and 15KV ESD Protection.
  • No Ingress of Dust.
  • Water Proof Enclosure.

- Wi-Fi That Goes the Distance
With high transmission power and two high-gain omnidirectional detachable antennas,CAP300-Outdoor provides stable wireless coverage at a range of up to 200 meters in outdoor settings.
  • High Transmission Power.
  • High-Gain Antennas.
  • Detachable Antennas.
- Switchable FIT/FAT Modes
  • FIT Mode
Configure and manage hundreds of access points at once using Auranet Wireless Controllers, ideal for large-scale Wi-Fi coverage.
  • FAT Mode
Configure and manage each access point separately via an intuitive web interface, ideal for small-scale and low-cost Wi-Fi coverage.The WDS function allows the access point to amplify an existing wireless signal and expand the outdoor network.

- Centralized Management and Automatic Discovery Management
Manage hundreds of access points at once using Auranet Wireless Controllers.
Adding new access points couldn’t be simpler with automatic discovery.
Controllers detect access points, apply your configuration settings and begin to centrally manage them as soon as they join the network, allowing you to concentrate on what matters.


- 300 Mbps Wireless N Outdoor Access Point, CAP300-Outdoor.
- Mounting Bracket.
- Antennas (Qty.2).
- Waterproof Rubber Insert.
- M3×28 Plastic Wall Anchors(Qty.3).
- M3×20 Self-tapping Screws (Qty.3).
- Metal Strap.
- Installation Guide.
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