Access Point Ασύρματο AC1750 Dual Band Gigabit Ceiling Mount CAP1750 TP-LINK

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Auranet CAP Series for Business WLAN Solution.


- Ultimate Network Security and Stability
The businesses of today are demanding ever greater flexibility and security from their wireless networks to keep up in a world where things move fast.
TP-Link’s new Auranet CAP series delivers that and more.
CAP access points work together with Auranet Wireless Controllers to provide scalable solutions with exceptional Wi-Fi performance and easy deployment.
  • Centralized Management.
  • Flexible and Scalable.
  • Redundancy and Backup.
  • Instant Deployment.
- Centralized Management and Automatic Discovery
Manage hundreds of access points at once using Auranet Wireless Controllers. Adding new access points couldn’t be simpler with automatic discovery.
Controllers detect access points, apply your configuration settings and begin to centrally manage them as soon as they join the network, allowing you to concentrate on what matters.

- Complete Scalability Without the License Fees (Manage Up to 500 APs without License Fees)
Expand your network when the time is right, without the complications.
With no license fees at any stage, choose from a range of wireless controllers to match the scale of your ambitions.

- High Specification Controller Hardware
Auranet Wireless Controllers contain a high-specification 1GHz Dual-Core processor that guarantees network stability.
Together with other sophisticated hardware, this provides superior reliability and wireless capabilities.

- Backup You Can Rely On
Establish complete network stability by deploying wireless controllers in a dual-link arrangement.
If one controller fails, another can take over to ensure your network remains free from disruption.

- Unobtrusive Design and Easy Installation
The CAP’s easy-mount chassis makes installation on a wall or ceiling surface simple and fast, while the incorporation of Power over Ethernet (PoE) support makes deployment effortless and flexible.
A smart, refined appearance ensures Auranet CAP series access points blend in seamlessly with almost any interior design style.

- Customized Guest Authentication
Portal Authentication is great way to customize the guest Wi-Fi experience, while other authentication methods are also supported.
Create your own unique authentication page to promote your business to guests and take complete control with a range of Wi-Fi settings.


- AC 1750 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Ceiling Mount Access Point CAP1750.
- Power Adapter.
- Mounting Kits.
- Installation Guide.
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