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Neon Gate offers PIR Sensor/ Movement Detector, LX 150C. This is a Passive Infrared Motion Detector. This consists of Halogen Lamp & an energy-saving automatic switch adopting System. During day time the inbuilt photocell saves electricity by de-activating the floodlight. An adjustable timer (5 Sec to 13 Minutes) allows selecting the duration of the floodlight. The sensitivity adjustment allows us to adjust the detection distance from 2m to 12m. Flood Light can be ON when body detects it and will be OFF automatically after body leaves. Sensor can identify the day and night. The ambient light can be selected so, it works at night automatically and stops in daytime. Passive infrared (PIR) sensors react to the infrared heat energy emitted by people. PIR sensors are passive devices, which only detect radiation, but do not emit it. These are designed to be maximally sensitive to objects that emit heat energy at a wavelength of around 10 microns. Applications: The most frequent use of the PIR sensor is as an 'area' sensor. Whether it is to detect someone moving in the front yard, or someone moving in the bathroom, or someone moving through a doorway, or even someone opened the strong room etc. it is all technically the same sensor and logic. Energy Saving PIR sensor Switches lights on, after dark, when a room is in use. Switches Off when movement ceases. Controls up to 150w Adjustable delay, after last movement before switch off. Adjustable to be active at a set level of ambient light or darkness. Specifications: Power Source: 200 - 240v AC, Power Frequency: 50-60 Hz, Rated Load: 150w, coverage: 120°, Time delay (Adjustable): 5 secs. to 8 mins. Ambient light(Adjustable) :
The bulb is not included.
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